Mal and Eppie in IMVU
Title: Barcelona
Status: 1/31
Author/Illustrator: eppieblack
Pairing: Charles/Nathan (and Brian Epstein/John Lennon...sort of.)
Rating: PG
Summary: If Dethklok and some of the people surrounding them are trapped souls doomed to repeat their roles in a cosmic drama until they get them right, then the just previous version of Dethklok was probably the Metalocalypse universe's version of the Beatles.
Content/Warning: A true drabble and an IMVU cosplay slideshow that illustrates it.

Charles Foster Offdensen woke up in a cold sweat. His dreams had been the vague images again…almost like a black and white movie. The sound of Spanish guitar, blues harmonica, the distant roar of a cheering crowd, or was it the ocean rang in his ears. The smells of vintage cologne, leather and cigarette smoke hung vaguely in the air. The taste of Amontillado and Nathan were still on his lips. He had been somewhere else, someone else…somehow still himself. They had done this all before. He already knew that from the Sumerian texts. But this…was so close. He knew.

Mal and Eppie in IMVU
I plugged in one of my bigger chunks of fanfic and this happened:

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I do not know. (Disorganized and incomprehensible perhaps?)


A pic of Brian Epstein I've never seen before: stolen from a PID site. Looks like 1967, maybe Saville Theatre?

Mal and Eppie in IMVU
I re-posted an entry.  What the f...(riff) is this, Tumblr? But it was too cute not to. (I have a secret thing for Brian/George/Patti, okay?)


Originally posted by eppylover at JANUARY 21 IN BRIAN EPSTEIN HISTORY
~*~*~ Crossposticated In the Induct Brian Epstein into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Facebook page~*~*~

1966 ~ Marriage of George and Pattie Boyd, at the Esher Register Office, Surrey.

Brian and Paul are best men.

Evening: Brian throws a party at Chapel Street, in honour of George and Pattie. Guests: Paul, Jane, John, Cynthia, Geoffrey Ellis, Wendy Hanson, George Martin, Judy Martin.

[Below: kissy-kissy news footage of the wedding]

If you're patient and highly observant, you will see Neil, Mal, Tony Barrow and perhaps others in the crowd ~ let me know if you notice anyone else of note, such as Tony Bramwell? Was he there?

(Glimpse of Brian at approximately 2:38) (Longer Brian sequence starts at 5:40)

(This screengrab of Brian goofing for the camera makes me laugh)

Wikileaks and John Lennon
Mal and Eppie in IMVU

Can't help but wonder what John Lennon would have thought of this mess.

Oh, yeah:
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Remembering John

Goodnight George
Mal and Eppie in IMVU
In memory, a little picture spam:

Guitar God and John Lennon with tea.

With Eppy. Tattling on Paul, obviously.

With Mal. Synchronizing watches?

With Julian and Ringo. Aww.

Recommended Listening

Sometime I wonder...
Mal and Eppie in IMVU
what odd sort of aliens are running around performing genetic experiments with samples of the DNA of Brian Epstein. Or perhaps it is MKULTRA?

The Ballad of Eppie the Avatar
Mal and Eppie in IMVU
Some of my adventures as Eppie in IMVU:

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Movie Meme
Mal and Eppie in IMVU

Comment with Mick Jagger needs to legally change his first name to Brenda because that would be so awesome considering Keith Richards has been calling him that for decades! and I will give you 5 actors and 5 actresses--then you post in your journal which of their films is your fave and why.

emeraldqueene gave me:

        1. Cary Grant

“Bringing Up Baby” (1938) Which first of all costars Katherine Hepburn as a ditzy socialite (You really wish they made blue bloods like that these days. I’d far rather watch her than the Hiltons or Kardashians). She is awesome. He is awesome. And it contains this quote:

KH: "Well you look perfectly idiotic in those clothes!"
CG: "These aren't my clothes!"
KH: "Well, where are your clothes?"
CG: "I've lost my clothes!"
KH: "Well, why are you wearing these clothes?"
CG: "Because I just went GAY all of a sudden!" --as David Huxley in BRINGING UP BABY (1938).

(Funny because he’s wearing her satin fur trimmed dressing gown.)

 2. Paul Newman

“The Sting” (1973) Because he’s very handsome in early twentieth century duds. Plus the music is great and it takes place mostly on a train. True fact: This is the first movie I remember being able to watch and follow the whole plot. I remember seeing it on television when I was about three. (The whole train thing was a very big draw for me even then.)

3. Johnny Depp

“Cry Baby” (1990) Because he looks best in rocker mode. Also: I love rock and roll and John Waters and I miss the days when Ricki Lake wasn’t a skinny yuppie.

4. Sean Connery

It’s hard for me to not get nostalgic about all his turns as THE cool old guy. In cameos such as Time Bandits (1981) or Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991) or in starring/co-starring roles like in The Name of the Rose (1986) or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Connery could always be counted on show up and be the King or at least the kingly guy, the really smart old guy who had just lived everything and kept on going. Sort of like the dude in the Dos Equis commercials. But it see why he had credibility as that kind of man, you have to see him as James Bond. So I have to say “Goldfinger” (1964) for this one because it is the coolest, hottest, grooviest of Connery’s turns as 007.

 5. Peter Sellers

I love Peter Sellers. One of the great pillars of the swinging sixties. “The Party” (1968) is my favorite Sellers movie. It doesn’t so much have a plot as a series of beautifully crafted (largely improvised!) comedic scenes. Also like many or Peter Sellers’ films it has a gorgeous moderne set design and a wonderful score by Henry Mancini.  I think I attended that party in some other life.

Ms. Winehouse Returns
Mal and Eppie in IMVU

Lovely. A true return to form.


Mal and Eppie in IMVU


I really don't know what motivated me to mutilate this perfectly nice airport photo of the Beatles and their entourage in such a reprehensible manner. Maybe it was that person at the top who barely missed being in the photo by a head (Mal is that you?) or maybe it was the random Fonzy sighting in the lower right hand corner.

Nanowrimo word count: 2941

(I'm cheating a bit and adding chatlogs from an rp otherwise I couldn't do it this year.)



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